Your home is not just your castle. It is a place for you to live, laugh and enjoy. Somewhere to unwind, closing the door on the outside world. But above all, you want it to be your safe haven.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading property developers in the industry, as well as many discerning homeowners. Understanding precisely what our clients need and want enables us to assess, design and install the right system for them. The end result is a practical, state-of-the-art security system that blends seamlessly with both its surroundings and the routines of daily life.

Survey & Consultation

High-quality system design always begins with understanding a client’s requirements through detailed, face-to-face discussion of the project. If the project involves a takeover or renovation then we will visit the site and perform a survey, however if it is a new build then we will review all the available plans.


During the design stage we carefully consider all aspects of the project and select the most appropriate equipment to meet the requirements and budget. We are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer or supplier and therefore have a diverse range of equipment to choose from, plus anything new to the market is tested in-house prior to proposing it to a client.

Proposal & Presentation

Once a system has been designed, a clear and easy to follow proposal is presented containing all the information on the system we intend to install. This includes a detailed summary, pictures of the equipment, layout drawings and a breakdown of all the costs.


During the installation process each project is assigned a lead engineer who is responsible for the installation and will liaise with the site’s project manager to deliver the security system on time. Each stage is carefully undertaken and signed off by our installation manager, allowing for a well-installed and documented system by completion.


Once complete, a handover package is presented containing all the required information for the system, including any relevant drawings and system information. A one-to-one walk through will also take place and we never leave the site unless the client is entirely satisfied and comfortable with the system.


Aftercare is paramount to us at Sensory Secure and we do everything possible to give our customers the very best support. The majority of our systems have remote access so we can check, change or reset a system without causing inconvenience to the client. Our 24/7 contact telephone number allows clients to speak to an engineer at any time and all our staff are highly trained to offer assistance.



All of the technology we use not only makes you feel safe, but it also remains easy to use and seamlessly integrated into the design of your home. At Sensory Secure, we ensure that every piece of equipment and cabling is installed neatly and sympathetically, that it functions in the specific way that you need it to and above all, that it is of the highest quality and reliability.

Intruder Alarms

Following changes in technologies, intruder detection equipment has come a long way and systems have become much more reliable as a result. We now have a range of products at our disposal to help protect your home and family, amongst which include microwave detectors, vibration sensors and flush-mounted keypads. All of which are installed with both appearance and functionality in mind.

CCTV Systems

With the help of adaptive infra red technology and wide dynamic range cameras, clients can have 360⁰ coverage of their home during the day, and more importantly, at night. CCTV has evolved greatly in recent years and will continue to do so as High Definition cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Perimeter Protection

CCTV systems can be combined with an advanced detection system, such as CCTV analytics, active beams and radio frequency systems, to provide the highest levels of perimeter protection at home. These systems form a virtual barrier around the property and any intruder attempting to gain access will be detected early, allowing valuable time to alert the authorities.

Gate Entry

The gate to any home can provide an excellent deterrent for unwanted visitors, as well as improving privacy. Gates can be fully automated to open by a remote fob button or even open automatically using RFID technology. A colour video intercom can also be installed at the front entrance, allowing clients to view and communicate with visitors.

AV Integration

Home automation systems are now becoming increasingly common in homes and we have spent many years working with our sister company, Sensory International, to perfect the art of integration. Entire security systems can function alongside AV systems, such as viewing the CCTV images on the televisions and controlling gates and alarms from personal iPads.


Alarms and CCTV monitoring is key to any security system. Having your system linked to a 24/7 manned monitoring station means that the police or guarding company can be alerted to an intruder within minutes. As this is so important we only use the best and most reliable systems on the market, including Dualcom, Redcare and Fast Trace systems.



At Sensory Secure our client relationships are at the core of our business, inspiring us to provide only the very best service and we are proud of the levels of after sales care and support that we have achieved.

In the unlikely event of a fault, all of our engineers are trained to ascertain and rectify a problem quickly, irrespective of the type of equipment used. To help speed up the process further, the majority of our systems are connected to our office via the Internet, granting us remote access and saving unnecessary disruption to clients. In many cases, we can connect to a system to correct a fault, make configuration changes and reset the system any time, any day and without requiring site access. However if a fault cannot be rectified via the phone or by remote access, then an engineer will attend the site in person and at the convenience of the client.




‘I always expected that Sensory would design a system that wholly integrated with our home automation needs and general house building requirements and that has been delivered.  What has been particularly valuable is the very high quality on-going support and back-up that we receive. Our needs change from time to time, various members of the family have to be accommodated and this is done in a caring and wholly efficient manner.’

Private Client – Cheshire

The Brief

A client wanted a security system for a new property and for it to feature the same functionality as his current system, which had a monitored CCTV and alarm operated by a fob. The new brief was for a more advanced system that could also be controlled via an iPad.

The Proposal

Following further meetings and planning, a system comprising of a detector operated monitored CCTV system, a comprehensive intruder alarm, and a gate entry system was put together.

The Technology

As the client was familiar with a monitored CCTV system at his previous property, this became the main focus of the new system. High specification infra red cameras were used along with tamper-proof microwave movement detectors that were integrated into the AV system and controlled by iPads and touch screen devices. Two sets of gates were operated by a single button and featured a short delay to the opening of the inner gate for added security. This same fob also operated the garage doors and provided one straightforward control system.

The Installation

The installation took place over the entire build of the new property. As the client had solid wooden doors he wanted the intruder system to be discreetly hidden, therefore flush mount contacts were used and vibration sensors were mounted at the bottom of the doors to maintain a sleek finish.

GJD Detect Microwave sensors were fitted to detect any movement around the house, as these are both highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The entire CCTV system is connected to a high specification transmission device that is linked to a monitoring station, which can connect to the site, view the cameras and if required, give an audible warning of a detected intruder. The final stage of the installation was to fit a gate entry system to both gates with the BPT panel mounted into the front gatepost and multiple radio receivers installed to allow the fob to be used.

To bring everything together, the alarm, CCTV, gates and garage doors were all integrated into the client’s AV system so that all home security could be operated from a single point. Controls were made available on the wall-mounted touch screens, as well as the iPads, so that the system could be used anywhere in the house.

The Challenges

As the property had a long driveway with two sets of gates, additional testing was carried out for the external cabling to confirm there were no problems. Even though the property was an irregular shape, well-positioning the cameras provided a 360⁰ view of the property, including the long driveway.

The Follow Up

Following up on the system at the 6 month service revealed that all elements of the security system perform well and that the client continues to enjoy the ease and functionality of the integrated control system.



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What you have read so far is merely a snapshot of what we can offer and there is a whole lot more we would like you to know. So if you are interested in bringing security solutions to your business, home or yacht, then get in touch. You know it makes sense.

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