Your commercial building is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a highly valuable asset. A place where people, products, services, equipment and private information are held.

And we can help you to protect it.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading commercial developers in the industry plus many discerning business owners. From small offices to large industrial units, we understand precisely what our clients need and want, enabling us to assess, design and install the right system for them. The end result is a practical, state-of-the-art security system that blends seamlessly with both its surroundings and the functions of commercial spaces.

Survey & Consultation

High-quality system design always begins with understanding a client’s needs through detailed, face-to-face discussion of the project. If the project involves a takeover or refit then we will visit the site and perform a survey, however if it is a new build then we will review all of the available plans.


During the design stage we carefully consider all aspects of the project and select the most appropriate equipment to meet the requirements and budget. We are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer or supplier and therefore have a diverse range of equipment to choose from, plus anything new to the market is tested in-house prior to proposing it to a client.

Proposal & Presentation

Once a system has been designed,

a clear and easy to follow proposal is presented to the client, containing all the information on the system we plan to install. This includes a detailed summary, pictures of the equipment, layout drawings and a breakdown of

all the costs.


During the installation process each project is assigned a lead engineer, or, depending on the size of the project, a project manager who is responsible for overseeing the work and liaising with the site’s manager to deliver the security system on time. Each stage is carefully undertaken and signed off by our installation manager, allowing for a well-installed and documented system by completion.


Once complete, a handover package is presented containing all the relevant information for the system, including any drawings. A one-to-one walk through will also take place and we never leave the site unless the client is entirely satisfied and comfortable with the system. System training for staff and security personnel can also be provided.


Aftercare is paramount to us at Sensory Secure and we do everything in our power to give our customers the very best support. The majority of our systems have remote access so we can check, change or reset a system without causing inconvenience for the client.

Our 24/7 contact telephone number allows clients to speak to an engineer at any time and all our staff are highly trained to offer assistance.



All of the technology we use not only protects you, your employees and assets but it also remains easy to use and seamlessly integrated within your working environment. At Sensory Secure, we ensure that every piece of equipment and cabling is installed neatly and sympathetically within and around your building, that it functions in the specific way that you need it to and above all, that it is of the highest quality and reliability.

Intruder Alarms

Protecting business premises and assets is always a high priority and having a well-installed intruder system is a great starting point. Grade 3 systems with anti-mask technology can help prevent businesses from break-ins plus remote access for our engineers reduces the amount of call-outs to site.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems can play an invaluable role in protecting your business against theft and vandalism. They act as an effective visual deterrent and when designed and installed correctly, they can provide video evidence should an incident occur. As well as protecting premises, CCTV can also be used for monitoring the flow of people, including staff and customers.

Access Control

Access Control Systems are now being used as a dual-purpose system.Not only can they restrict staff access to certain areas at specific times, but they can also be used for tracking time and attendance. For added security, biometric systems such as fingerprint, palm and retina scanners are becoming more reliable and affordable, making top-level security possible for the areas that need it.


Unfortunately, owing to opportunistic thieves, the days of leaving delivered goods by the door are a thing of the past. In order to maintain the same convenience but without the risk, an audio and video intercom can be installed. Drivers can speak to reception and then be granted access once they have been verified. An external fob reader can also be installed to allow entry and exit for staff.

Fully Integrated Solutions

In order to ensure a seamless security system, a fully-integrated solution can be provided so that one single platform can be used to control, administer and interrogate the system, also allowing greater control for security personnel on-site. For businesses with a high visitor rate, a lobby station can be installed to allow a visitor to sign in and print off a visitor badge, whilst the person they are meeting is alerted to their arrival.


Alarm and CCTV monitoring is the key to any security system and more often than not an insurance requirement. As our systems can be linked to a 24/7 manned monitoring station, the police can be alerted to an intruder at your business premises within minutes. We use a variety of communication devices, such as Dualcom, Redcare and Fast Trace systems, ensuring that insurance requirements are easily met.



At Sensory Secure our client relationships are at the core of our business, inspiring us to provide only the very best service and we are proud of the levels of after sales care and support that we have achieved.

In the unlikely event of a fault, all of our engineers are trained to ascertain and rectify a problem quickly, irrespective of the type of equipment used. To help speed up the process further, the majority of our systems are connected to our office via the Internet, granting us remote access and saving unnecessary disruption to clients. In many cases, we can connect to a system to correct a fault, make configuration changes and reset the system any time, any day and without requiring site access. However if a fault cannot be rectified via the phone or by remote access, then an engineer will attend the site in person and at the convenience of the client.




‘I was very impressed in the manner in which Sensory went about the works at our premises. Everything was explained clearly and the work was carried swiftly and efficiently and the support following on has been great.’

Managing Director – Cheshire Based Company

The Brief

The brief of the client was for Sensory Secure to take over their existing Grade 3 alarm and access system, as well as to install an internal CCTV system. They were also expanding into another office building on the same business park and wanted to link the two alarm systems.

The Proposal

As the alarm system was of a good standard, it was decided to keep the current system in place but to also upgrade the main control unit to allow for the expansion into the new office. To ensure everything was in order, a full service of the system would be required to check that all detectors were operating properly. Cameras were to be installed throughout the buildings, as well as new access controls.

The Technology

For the CCTV, an eight camera internal system would be installed to cover all of the main areas of the premises, including the entrance lobby, loading areas and stores. All of the cameras would have infra red LED’s so that clear images would be recorded when the property was locked up at night.

Like the alarms, the access control system appeared to be in good working order so it was proposed that a similar system would be installed onto the main door of the new office, allowing staff to use the same fobs for both buildings.

The Installation

When it came to the installation process we planned to do all the works over just two days with two teams on-site to minimise disruption to the business. One team would install the CCTV system whist the other upgraded the alarm system and installed the new access controls and alarm in the new office.

On the first day all the cables were installed in a neat and orderly fashion making sure to minimise the noise and disruption to staff. The company had installed a duct between the two buildings for network cables, so linking them both for the alarm was relatively straightforward. The first fix went well and the teams even had chance to upgrade the alarm panel in the main building, ready for the additional works the following day. The next day involved installing the equipment. As the CCTV team carried on with the camera installation in the main building, the second worked on the alarm and access system in the new office. By early afternoon all systems were up and running and ready for commissioning.

The Challenges

The new building was programmed as a separate area on the alarm so it could be armed independently from the main building plus all of the existing access users were programmed onto the new system to allow access for all who required it. The CCTV system was fully focused and the lead engineer undertook a thorough handover process with the purchasing manager of the business who had organised the works.

The Follow Up

Upon follow up, the client has delivered positive reports of the system and has decided to add two additional cameras.



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What you have read so far is merely a snapshot of what we can offer and there is a whole lot more we would like you to know. So if you are interested in bringing security solutions to your business, home or yacht, then get in touch. You know it makes sense.

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