When it comes to yacht security there is no need to feel lost at sea. Whether out on the open water or moored in port, Sensory Secure can ensure that passengers, crew and vessel are well protected.

Feel confident that your security is never adrift.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading shipyards and yacht designers in the industry. Precisely understanding our client needs enables us to assess, design and install a system that is practical, state-of-the-art and blends seamlessly with both the yacht’s design and daily life at sea. Dedication and pride in our work extends to all aspects of the process and we firmly believe that our security solutions can be tailored to any vessel’s needs and requirements.

Survey & Consultation

Due to the complexity of a marine project, we undertake a number of design meetings with the shipyard, crew and owner’s team to confirm the brief and specific requirements of each project. If a refit is involved then a full survey of the vessel will take place to ensure that all elements can be carefully considered during the design process.


When designing a marine security system we always take into consideration the importance of reliability and robustness. We use 316L and IP rated equipment for external devices, such as cameras, and we fully utilise our in-house testing area to evaluate the latest technologies.

Proposal & Presentation

Once a system has been designed a clear and easy to read design proposal is presented to the owner’s team containing all of the necessary information on the system we plan to install. This includes a summary of each system, pictures of the equipment and layout drawings.


During the installation process each project is assigned a project manager and a full drawing package is issued. This person is responsible for overseeing the work and will liaise with the shipyard to deliver the project on time. Each stage is carefully installed and signed off by our installation manager.


Following a FAT and practical completion, a handover package is presented containing all of the relevant information for the system, such as fitted drawings and operational manuals. A one-to-one walk through will also take place and we never leave the site unless the client is entirely satisfied and comfortable with the system.


Aftercare is paramount to us at Sensory Secure and we do everything possible to give our customers the best support, wherever they are in the world. Our engineers are on hand to offer full support for a system and are always available to talk an ETO through a problem over the phone, or send an engineer to the vessel.



All of the technology we use not only makes you feel safe, but it also remains easy to use and seamlessly integrated into the design of your yacht. At Sensory Secure, we ensure that every piece of equipment and cabling is installed neatly and sympathetically, that it functions in the specific way that you need it to and above all, that it is of the highest quality and reliability.

CCTV Systems

The sea is an unforgiving place, which is why we never compromise on the quality of our marine equipment. We use specially designed 316L stainless steel cameras, as well as custom-made cameras for refit projects, making sure that a reliable and effective system can be installed and maintained.

Intruder Detection

To operate alongside a CCTV system, intruder detectors such as deck sensors and door contacts can be installed to alert crewmembers to trespassers on-board. These can be linked to the CCTV so that cameras in the location of the sensor can be displayed on-screen.

Perimeter Protection

Being aware of the presence of another vessel at the earliest opportunity is essential to protecting both the yacht and crew. Radar and Thermal Imaging technology can be united to form an integrated solution to detect and assess a potential threat within seconds, allowing time for the security team or protocols to be activated should the need arise.

Access Systems

Whether moored in dock or out at sea, a vessel can be susceptible to unwanted visitors, especially at night. Therefore an access control system can be used to restrict access to the vessel by keeping the external doors locked when required. For crew, access can be gained by presenting a fob to a reader and then entering as normal.

Lockdown Systems

In the event that an intruder is detected or the vessel is attacked, a lockdown can be activated so that all external doors can be locked within seconds to protect the crew and guests.

Security Management Software

In order to maintain and control all of the security systems on-board, a custom management software program is used to control all elements of the system, including arming the deck sensors or selecting a specific camera to view. Every system is tailored to each vessel’s specific system and operational needs, meaning the entire system is fully utilised as intended.



At Sensory Secure our client relationships are at the core of our business, inspiring us to provide only the very best service and we are proud of the levels of after sales care and support that we have achieved.

In the unlikely event of a fault, all of our engineers are trained to ascertain and rectify a problem quickly, irrespective of the type of equipment used. As all of our systems are fully documented, we can provide complete system support anywhere in the world, whether by phone, email or sending out an engineer.




‘When it came time to upgrade our 10 year old CCTV security system we invited Sensory Secure to visit the boat and supply a quote. After a further follow up meeting at their offices in Macclesfield we were confident we had found the right company.’


The Brief

The chief engineer of a 72m yacht wanted to upgrade an original CCTV system on-board. The existing system was outdated, individual cameras were beginning to fail and it was no longer cost effective to repair. The brief included utilising existing cabling and maintaining the same functionality as before.

The Proposal

A proposal was drawn up following a site visit in Italy. Following the visit, an analogue system was chosen due to restrictions of existing cabling and levels of integration.

The Technology

Before the installation started, the equipment was set up and tested at our Macclesfield office. This allowed us to check that all the key components were functioning correctly and also provided an opportunity to pre-configure the equipment. This helped to identify any potential installation issues, which were addressed before the installation started.

Once all the equipment was tested and configured, it was securely packed up and shipped directly to the vessel.

The Installation

The upgrade was scheduled to take place in Marseille whist the yacht was carrying out a maintenance visit. Two Sensory Secure engineers were assigned to the project and flew to France following a full installation brief.

The first stage was to remove the existing control system, taking great care to document the existing cable infrastructure. Once the old system was removed, new equipment was then installed. The next stage was to replace the cameras. As well as the crew’s mess and the ship’s system having full control of the CCTV system, Sensory were able to fully integrate the matrix into the AV system, allowing a user to select a CCTV image and control the PTZ cameras from the TV remote controls.

The Challenges

Most camera units were a straightforward replacement but some existing units required modification. Through experience, Sensory have found installing cameras onto a yacht is never straightforward, especially on a refit. To replace the stair and anchor cameras we had to modify the housing and existing brackets. Where possible we used the technique of installing the transmission device inside the cameras to remove the need for a junction box, which improved the aesthetics of the installation.

The Follow Up

Captain, Chief Engineer and crew were delighted with the installation and functionality of the system. The integration with the ship’s monitoring system and AV was a highlight of the project and showed the skills of all involved.



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What you have read so far is merely a snapshot of what we can offer and there is a whole lot more we would like you to know. So if you are interested in bringing security solutions to your business, home or yacht, then get in touch. You know it makes sense.

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